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Home Soda Dispensers Bar Gun Remote Systems KP

Our KP model is our finest home soda dispenser and refrigeration unit our company has to offer. It has the capability of operating two soda bar guns and can be installed up to 100 feet away in a remote location. This soda dispenser unit is ideal for your kitchen, wet bar, game room, home entertainment room and outdoor patios.


Home Soda Bar Dispenser KP:

You always wanted a "Real" restaurant-type soda dispenser at home. We sell and ship hundreds of these home soda dispenser units everyday. Built with over 50 years of quality soda dispenser manufacturing experience, all our soda dispenser units are fully tested prior to shipping to ensure proper operation upon delivery. Our home soda dispenser works with the latest and most advanced Bag-In-Box soda syrup, the same soda syrup that is used in restaurants, bars, and fast food establishments. Our home soda dispenser system uses a standard twenty pound CO2 tank, which can be filled at any local carbonic supply store, and comes to you complete with no other components to purchase.


Commercial Soda Dispenser Quality:

Our home soda refrigeration units and dispensers are made of the highest quality components, parts and design to ensure you many years of use. These soda dispenser systems are designed to save you money on your soda purchases and give you the highest quality tasting soda possible. The home soda dispenser system comes complete with everything you need: self-contained soda syrup refrigeration unit with carbonator, Wunder Bar soda gun, Catalina twenty pound CO2 tank, Flojet soda syrup pumps, quick connects for Pepsi and Coke Bag-In-Box soda syrup products, syrup brix cup, soda syrup separator, high and low pressure CO2 regulator and supply lines.


Features included:

  • Self-contained dispenser refrigeration unit.
  • Wunder Bar soda bar gun and hanging bracket.
  • Syrup pumps and supply lines.
  • CO2 and syrup regulator.
  • One Catalina 20 lb. CO2 tank.
  • Quick connect for Pepsi and Coke products.
  • Installation kit, brix cup and syrup separator.

Extra Components:

  • Bar gun countertop trim kit, finishes in Chrome, Brush Nickel and Polish Brass.
  • Wunder Bar Gun Soda Dispense for second location.
  • Soda Dispenser Extra Tubing (First ten feet is included in price of unit.)
  • CO2 Tanks (Back-up tanks for a continuous supply of soda.)
  • Water Filter System (For your best tasting soda product.)
  • Bag-In-Box Syrups
Part # DescriptionPricePurchase
1-Soda Water
Soda Dispenser Four Flavor Bar Gun System$3,899.99
Shipping Cost $275.99

1-Soda Water
Soda Dispenser Six Flavor Bar Gun System $4,199.99
Shipping Cost $300.99

BGCTKBar Gun Countertop Trim Kit$89.99
Finish Selection

SDSFBGSKPXT (First ten feet is included in price of unit)Soda Dispenser Extra Tubing$29.99 Per Foot

12Q08-102Wunder Bar Gun Soda Dispenser$419.99

01F05-106Catalina 20 lb. CO2 Aluminum Tank$229.99

09D02-147Water Filter System$329.99

15B09-201 Bag 'N Box Syrup Racks$230.99-$359.99


Wunder Bar Gun:

If you want a "Real" bar gun, the same unit used in the commercial locations, then this is the unit for you. Our design puts the power pack below the bar and runs an insulated duct line to the bar gun with re-circulating ice cold water to dispense your favorite soda ice cold. Our four or six flavor bar guns can dispense carbonated or non-carbonated drinks, along with one soda water and one water button.


Soda Dispenser Refrigeration Unit:

Our SDFBGSKP stainless steel model is our finest refrigeration unit that has the capability of operating two bar guns and be installed up to 100 feet away in a remote location. This unit is sold with a ten foot syrup and re-circulating conduit, which can be upgraded so the unit can be installed up to 100 feet away from the bar gun, along with CO2 tank, pumps and syrup. This unit is ideal for your kitchen, wet bar, game room, home entertainment room and outdoor patios.


Facts on syrup:

Most syrup is mixed in a 5 to 1 ratio (this means 5 parts soda water to 1 part syrup). One gallon of syrup will make 6 gallons of finished product. The Bag In Box syrup is sold in 3 gallon or 5 gallon containers, and will produce 30 gallons of ice cold soda at the cost of 6 to 14 cents per 12 ounce drink.

The installation of this system will take about two hours and can be installed with the bar gun through the countertop using the countertop trim kit, or with the included hanging Wunder Bar bracket.


Flojet Syrup Pumps:

Our syrup pumps are mounted on a metal bracket in groups of two or three depending on the bar gun system you order. We also supply our pumps with quick connects for Pepsi and Coke bag-n-box products.


Catalina CO2 Cylinder:

Our system will include one twenty pound Catalina CO2 cylinder.


Tap-Rite CO2/Syrup Regulator:

Our system will include one two pressure two product regulator with 6' hose.

Easily installed with basic tools.

Refrigeration Unit Length 23"
Width 18"
Height 19"
147 lbs. 120
Syrup Pump
Four Flavor System
Height 9"
Width 17"
Depth 8"
8 lbs.
Syrup Pump
Six Flavor System
Height 9"
Width 25"
Depth 8"
12 lbs.